IMG_4458My name is Jordan Taylor and I am from Michigan, U.S.A. After years of settling for that horrible feeling of monotony and dissatisfaction in my “normal” 9-5 job back home, I made the decision to follow my dreams and start traveling. That led me to South Korea, where I have been have living for the past 8 months teaching English. So yeah, to some this may be just another blog from an ESL teacher…. butttt hopefully I will be able to offer some new insights and advice for you!

I have had a person interest in health and fitness for the past 7 years. In that time, I became a certified personal trainer and have worked as one professionally at times. Moving to Asia hasn’t made maintaining my standard health routine impossible, but it did require learning some new methods and incorporating new foods.

I hope to share anything I have learned, or will learn about health and fitness in Korea with you through this blog!

xx- Jordan