A Fitness Filled Chuseok Staycation

Full disclosure, I only spent Chuseok at home because I waited too long to buy tickets elsewhere and I’m not about to spend 4x more than normal prices. I could have done some travels around Korea, but more disclosure, I was feeling lazy. We had 10 days off for the Chuseok holiday, so I convinced myself I’d just ~chill out~ on a staycation.

Now, if I were to actually sit here and tell you a daily diary of my staycation, it would consist of daily naps (yes plural naps), completing multiple Netflix binges, and not wearing pants for the majority of my waking hours. However, for those few hours I managed to put on pants, I managed to put on leggings (not even real pants lbh) and head out to the gym.

I haven’t been on my game the past couple months when it comes to my daily fitness regime, so I was v happy when my gym said they would be staying open during the Chuseok. Having literally nothing else to do for a week meant I had no excuses for not getting to the gym.

Now motivation is one of the key factors to success in the gym, so I did what any basic girl does – I went shopping for new gym clothes! Two hundred thousand won later I had 4 tops, 2 pants, and a brand new attitude. Some may say why should I care so much about my gym outfit since I’m just going to get sweaty? Look, I’m a firm believer that if a girl wants to do herself up and wear makeup at the gym, then you do you girl! Whatever makes you feel more confident, resulting in better workouts, is totes okay with me. Case and point – the Kardashians. I love those ladies and if you follow them on Snapchat then you know they always look fire during their workouts and their bodies are on point. (side note- I have no shame in my love for the Kardashians, so hate on haters. Except Kylie- she sucks.)  Despite my great new wardrobe, I still needed a bit more motivation. So, one evening at the bar, I decided it was the perfect time to whip out my credit card and buy a plane ticket home to Michigan for Christmas break. As a result, I decided the anticipation for this trip would be the perfect 12-week time frame to achieve my best Kardashian body yet, because even though Michigan is going to be cold AF and I’ll likely be walking around an arctic tundra of misery, this girl still has people to see and impress knowhatimsayin 😉

Alrighty, let’s get back on topic and on the part where I worked out every day.

About a month ago I joined a new gym in town because it was brand new and advertised a great deal for those who signed a one year contract. I’m pretty picky about the gyms I join, and I have been nothing but impressed with this new place. The equipment is state of the art and the staff are not only super friendly and cool, they are also well educated in the fitness field, each of them with multiple trainer certifications from very reputable fitness organizations. My gym is on the smaller side, but it has everything I need to complete a great workout, offers daily group fitness classes, and even has those odd Korean box saunas that I honestly don’t understand the point of. Another plus to this gym is that it’s never too crowded. Like any gym, it does get busier during after work hours, but even then I don’t run into too many issues. The other gym members are good too, they all seem respectful to what the person is doing around them and I can do my routine without feeling ogled like I often do back in the States. My gym also has a super cool feature that uses your fingerprint to open the front door because this is the future baby, why carry around a card key to scan?

My gym routine is pretty standard. I generally try to get to the gym 5-6 days a week, focusing on weight lifting. I alternate muscle groups with a 3-day split, and sometimes do a full body routine if I’m short on time that week. I despise cardio with every fiber of my being, but force myself to do HIIT a couple times a week, with the other days spent doing LISS cardio like the stationary bike or incline treadmill. I design my own routines, but if anyone out there needs extra guidance than I highly recommend using the app BodySpace – it has hundreds of routines for all fitness levels and goals in mind. It will walk you through each exercise set by set, rep by rep, and even has a built-in rest timer to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout. Also, in addition to weight lifting, I also go to yoga twice a week at the local international center – but this center was closed during Chuseok so that didn’t happen this week.

In all seriousness, my time spent in the gym is usually my favorite part of my day. It’s good for both body and mind. You get to wear cute outfits. You can jam out to some great music. You can look at cute, muscular boys. Believe me, there are plenty of days where I get home from work exhausted and wanting to go straight to bed rather than the gym, but then I remember all those perks of going to the gym and drag myself there. Whether I spend 30 minutes there or 2 hours, anytime spent working out if better than none! I’m about to start a new program in preparation to my trip home, and starting a new fitness routine can be difficult. If you are on the inexperienced side, it’s not something you can just jump into. It needs to be designed with attainable goals in mind and balanced so it neither injures you, bores you or worse, discourages you to quit. My time frame is set at 12-weeks, which is usually the perfect amount of time to make a transformation – but improvements can be done in 6-8 weeks. With any good fitness routine, HEALTHY EATING IS CRITICAL. However, that is an entirely different blog post so I’m not about to get into that. I will say though; the diet is going to be my biggest struggle because I really love pizza and beer.

So, despite, that I spent most of my Chuseok being a slug inside my apartment, I was also able to set new fitness goals for myself that I’m really looking forward to starting and see what kind of results come from them. Not everyone is an enthusiastic about working out as I am, but I do encourage everyone to try and move around a little every day. It’s just like they taught us in elementary school – go outside and play for 30 minutes a day! If you want to read more about strategies to starting to a new workout routine, and the one I’m currently using, check out my previous posts about my October and November lifting routine!

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