November’s Workout Routine!

Sorry kiddos, this routine is a week late! At least it’s here though! This month I’m lifting 4 days a week, resting 2 days a week and having an active rest day on the weekend. An active rest day means I will go on a hike for a few hours. It’s a great alternative! Wednesday is generally always my rest day because I work until 6 on that day, so I’m pretty tired by the time I get home. Depending on what my weekend plans are, Saturday or Sunday is my second rest day – I just didn’t pick a particular one this month! So you choose! This month has me focusing on one body part per day – legs once a week, chest once a week, back once a week, and arms once a week. Since I’m only hitting these once a week, I increased the number of exercises to really get in a good pump. Some might call it overloading but whatever, it works for me. This routine can be done by completing each exercise separately for 3 sets, 10-12 reps each OR by turning two exercises into a superset. A superset means that you complete two exercises immediately back to back. I will usually do 3 sets, but 10 reps for a superset. I’m 6 weeks from my trip home, and still have work to do on my body so I hope this new routine really pushes me into overdrive and sets me up for success!

NOV - mondayNOV - TuesdayNOV - ThursdayNOV - Friday

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