How Korea cured my bronchitis

Despite trying my best to eat a clean diet, and going to the gym on a regular basis, even I get sick. Now, I still can’t be sure if I go sick while traveling Thailand during summer holiday or if it’s because I work around kids all days, and as cute as they are – kids bring them germs. To be fair, in this particular case I think I picked up a bug while traveling. Hostels also bring the germs.

Anyways, after traveling South East Asia for a month during my school’s summer break, I came home to Korea with one hell of a cough. I figured this cough would go away but oh how I was wrong. Five weeks later I was still coughing up my lungs all day long. Now, even though I was ONLY coughing, my boss became concerned and ordered be to see a doctor.

Long story short – I had bronchitis.

In typical Korean fashion, I was prescribed 5 days worth of antibiotics which consisted of  5 pills to be taken 3 times a day (that’s 15 pills a day for those bad at math, like myself so don’t feel bad). AND I was given the oh so glorious butt shot. Readers in Korea, if you ever get sick go get yourself a shot in the butt because its magical and amazing and I could honestly write a separate post about how great they are. Now back to my story.

Fast forward 5 days, I honestly wasn’t any better in terms of my cough. Nah, that sucker was still there. By this point, I’ve been living with this cough for 5-6 weeks and I decided to just accept the fact that I’m going to cough for the rest of my life. And no, I’m not being dramatic- bronchitis can live inside you for like, a really long time guys.

Then one day my boss told us she was going to see a Korean oriental doctor for some acupuncture and asked if anyone wanted to come along. Having an interest in holistic and alternative medicines, I jumped at the opportunity. Also because I was still sick and figured I’d ask the doctor if he could help cure my bronchitis.

And oh did he cure it my friends.

The office experience consisted of me telling the good doctor my symptoms, and being diagnoses with a fever – not by a classic thermometer but rather by the doctor touching my wrist and feeling my body language and aura. Yes, that is how to decided I had a fever. It was wild. Anyways, he agreed I had nasty cough but said acupuncture wouldn’t do anything for me. So instead he prescribed me a traditional oriental medicine drink. I was to drink it three times a day for the next three days. Before leaving the office, I was warned the drink would be very bitter and honestly taste awful. The doctor had a good chuckle to himself over me not liking the taste of it.

Then I went home and quickly discovered the doctor was right and the drink tasted like the world’s most bitter coffee brewed through mud water. Honestly that’s a very accurate description of the taste. However, I guess I got used to it. But the amazing, mind blowing news is that it worked and my cough was like, totally gone in the 3 days of me drinking the traditional medicine. Placebo? Idk, maybe.  But my bronchitis is gone and I owe it all to the wonderful traditional medicine of Korea. The 5 days of Western antibiotics did’t work at all. Long live the coffee mud water drink!

Here’s some pictures of me hating the drink.


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